Rule-based insurance recommendation admin panel web app

GoBundl/TIA Technology

Project description

The web app was build as a POC integrated on top of insurance backend to provide the functionality of setting up rules for displaying insurance depending on customer’s personal information.


TIA Technology is an insurance backend provider with a broad range of core functionalities for managing insurance business. It is now entering the space of customer- and agent-facing frontends, thus introducing space for personalized, automated user experiences.

The app allows an insurance employee to set rules for which insurance products should be visible and recommended to customers depending on their personal data. The app exposes an API based on these settings that a frontend solution can then communicate with.


Flask, ReactJS, SQLite

Technical Details

A Flask-based backend was coupled with a ReactJS app and SQLite database. The frontend was designed to offer seamless experience, without interrupting the user’s interaction by subsequent API calls – they were handled in the background.

The overview of created rules*

A "create persona" view*

My contribution

I developed the entire product according to our designer's vision for the frontend.

*some details from the screenshots, like search, estimated premium graph, and frequently used rules haven’t been implemented for the POC