SoilSense Irrigation Dashboard

Full time work, startup

Project description

SoilSense is a sensor system and an online dashboard helping farmers make smarter irrigation decisions.


The dashboard provides an overview of current sensor statuses and detailed charts with current and historical data transformed and visualized in a simple way. Green "safe zone" is derived from a sensor-specific calibration and indicates what values are desirable. The system is in production, being used by paying customers. soilsense map view Behind the scenes, a notification system can react to newest data and send notifications via multiple channels according to farmer's configuration.

Artificial Intelligence Service provides data analysis and ML functionality: analytical algorithm that detects field capacity (the 100% available water point) and a timeseries forecasting model that predicts change in water volume 3 days into the future.


React, TypeScript, Mobx, Recharts, Docker, Node, Firebase, MongoDB, Python, Tensorflow, FastAPI